Roof Curbs

Many different sizes and heights are available and can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Roof Curbs


  • Adapters/Reducers


    Roof curb adapters and reducers are designed to adapt our standard fan's curb cap dimensions to non-standard or existing roof curb size. They are constructed of either aluminum or galvanized steel and can extend up to 10 inches beyond standard curb cap size.

  • Roof Curbs

    Roof Curbs

    Roof curbs are used as roof support structures for fans and ventilators. They are available for flat, pitched, and ridged roofs with or without insulation. Roof curbs can be either canted or straight sided.

  • Curb Extensions

    Curb Extensions

    Curb extensions fulfill additional height requirements between the fan and roof curb.

  • Equipment Supports

    Equipment Supports

    Designed to support equipment that would not be curb mounted.

  • Sound Attenuating Curbs

    Sound Attenuating Curbs

    This special roof curb is designed to reduce fan-generated sound that travels down the ductwork. AT models are available for either insulated or non-insulated flat roof decks. They mount directly to the roof deck and are available with and without cants.


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