When your application doesn't call for heating or cooling, choose from one of the following non-tempered make-up air units.



  • Models KSFD and KSFB

    Models KSFD and KSFB

    Greenheck’s series KSF is available in a belt drive (model KSFB) and direct drive (model KSFD). Both have a compact design providing non-tempered make-up air for commercial, institutional and kitchen applications.

    • 300 to 10,250 cfm and 3 in. wg
    • UL 705

  • Model MSX

    Model MSX

    Model MSX is ideally suited for make-up air applications where non-gas-fired heating or no tempering is desired. Model MSX offers hot water, steam or electric heat and has a modular design for broad configuration flexibility. In addition to constant volume 100% outdoor air operation, recirculation and variable air volume options are also available.

    • 800 to 48,000 cfm and 4 in. wg
    • Electric heat: Up to 220 KW, SCR/VSCR controls, single point power standard
    • Cooling options: packaged direct expansion, split direct expansion, chilled water, or evaporative cooling
    • ETL listed

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