Pollution Engineering Editor's Choice Award - Greenheck Vektor-MHThe Vektor®-MH uses an inline mixed flow fan to quietly and efficiently exhaust fumes and odors up and above a research facility or lab. The engineered high plume nozzle efficiently creates high plume rise. The Vektor-MH is available in belt and direct drive, utilizing a bifurcated fan housing design allowing belts, drives and motors to be isolated from the contaminated airstream for safe, easy maintenance. Vektor-MH systems have a small installed footprint, requiring minimal roof space. They can be applied in a wide variety of configurations with up to six fans as part of a single system, and can be packaged with Vektor energy recovery systems.


Advantages/Design Features

  • Designed for laboratory exhaust applications
  • Engineered conical high plume discharge nozzle
  • Available in belt and direct drive configurations
  • Unique "vacuum shaft seal" ensuring that hazardous or noxious fumes do not escape through the shaft opening
  • Configurable in single or up to six fan systems
  • Utilizes mixed flow impeller technology
  • Efficient operation for reduced energy consumption
  • Performance capabilities - 2,000 cfm to 47,000 cfm; up to 11 in. wg per fan
  • Motor and drives located outside the airstream
  • Lower sound levels than an inline centrifugal or axial exhaust fan
  • L(10) - 200,000 hour shaft bearing life


  • Model Vektor-MH

    Model Vektor-MH

    The Vektor-MH uses an inline, mixed flow fan to quietly and efficiently exhaust fumes and odors up and above any air intakes on the same or surrounding buildings. Utilizing a mixed flow wheel design, the space saving configuration of the Vektor-MH maximizes air movement with reduced sound and energy. The high plume nozzle maximizes plume rise.

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