Greenheck's Non-Concrete Damper Installation Featured in New Video

July, 2016

Greenheck’s line of fire and combination fire/smoke dampers approved for installation in horizontal, non-concrete fire rated barriers is featured in a new video. The video illustrates the different ways traditional building
design deals with protecting duct penetrations at the top and bottom of fire-rated building shafts, and highlights
how Greenheck DFD, FD and FSD Series dampers are the only fire and fire/smoke dampers approved for use in UL floor/ceiling design I503. Installing these Greenheck dampers in a horizontal non-concrete barrier results in more usable space for the owner, more flexibility for the design professional, and greatly reduces installation time for contractors. To view the video, visit and click on the Library link found on the home page navigation bar. Then click on videos. Or click on the QR code.

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment. 

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