New Greenheck Brochure Features eCAPS® and CAPS Fan Selection and Design Software

October, 2015

Greenheck’s eCAPS® Fan Application Suite and CAPS (Computer Aided Product Selection) Design Software are highlighted in a new brochure. Ideal for the initial building design phase, eCAPS, a new online fan selection program, allows HVAC engineers to easily compare multiple fan models simultaneously based on fan performance, sound levels, operating costs or first costs. Greenheck’s CAPS software includes the industry’s widest selection of air movement, control and conditioning equipment. During later building design phases, engineers can use CAPS for sizing, fan curves, configuration details and payback analyses, Revit® and AutoCAD® drawings, and details on options, controls and accessories. Both eCAPS and CAPS are available at no charge. Greenheck’s eCAPS runs on iPads, tablets and computers and can be accessed at Greenheck’s CAPS can be downloaded at; click on “My Greenheck” to register and install.

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment. 

For more information about Greenheck products, visit or contact Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI  54476-0410, (715) 359-6171, FAX (715) 355-2399.

To obtain more information about this Greenheck announcement you may:

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  3. Phone us at (715) 359-6171 or fax us at (715) 355-2399
  4. Write us at Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410
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