New Vektor-MS Ideal for Demand-Based Laboratory Exhaust Applications

March, 2014

New Vektor-MS Ideal for Demand-Based Laboratory Exhaust ApplicationsGreenheck's new Vektor-MS inline mixed flow laboratory exhaust fan is designed to reduce fan energy in demand-based laboratory exhaust applications and safely allows variable frequency drives to be applied to laboratory exhaust fans. Featuring Sure-Aire Variable Volume Exhaust (SAVVE) technology, the Vektor-MS responds to changes in airflow and static pressure in an occupied space, causing the fan's operation to adjust throughout the day based on demand while the variable geometry discharge nozzle modulates to maintain constant discharge velocity at the fan exit. Available in belt or direct drive configurations, the Vektor-MS utilizes mixed flow impeller technology and a bifurcated fan housing design that allows safe, easy access to all drive components. Its unique "vacuum shaft seal" ensures that hazardous or noxious fumes do not escape through the shaft opening. Vektor-MS systems have a small, installed footprint, requiring minimal roof space. With performance capacities ranging from 1,500 cfm to 38,000 cfm and up to 8 in. wg., the Vektor-MS meets ANSI Z9.5, NFPA 45 and ASHRAE Chapter 45 lab design guidelines and is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Sound and Air Performance.

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