Greenheck Adds Direct Drive Mixed Flow Fan

November, 2002

Greenheck Adds Direct Drive Mixed Flow Fan Greenheck now offers a direct drive version of its popular mixed flow fan, providing a more compact design and wider range of performance.

Because the QEID motor is located within the airstream, this unit is smaller overall and more flexible for mounting in space-restricted areas. The model is available in 14 sizes providing a performance range of 1,000 to 96,000 cfm and static pressures up to 9.5 in. wg. In addition, the elimination of belts, shaft bearings and pulleys reduces maintenance. Motor bearings can be lubricated through extended lubrication lines.

Greenheck’s direct drive and belt drive mixed flow fans feature a unique half-axial, half-centrifugal wheel design that combines the highly efficient "straight-through" airflow of vane axials and the lower sound levels of tubular centrifugal fans. These fans are recommended for any application that requires low sound and high efficiency, including office buildings, concert halls, educational and medical facilities, libraries and parking garages. Inlet silencers, outlet silencers and Sound Vault housings are available for sound critical applications.

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