Greenheck Products on display at ASHRAE `01 - Booth 1650

January, 2001

Greenheck, the leading manufacturer of air moving and control equipment will display over three dozen products at the 2001 ASHRAE Show in Atlanta. New products on display include the revolutionary new Mixed Flow Fan, Model QEI and the MiniVent-450, an energy recovery ventilator.

The Model QEI design incorporates the primary advantages of both conventional axial and centrifugal fans. Characteristics include greater pressure capabilities and an axial fan, but high airflow than a centrifugal. In addition, test results show Greenheck's new Mixed Flow Fan is the quietest inline fan in the industry.

The MiniVent-450 provides an economical solution for projects requiring 300 to 500 cfm of outdoor air, with external static pressures up to 1 in. wg. Its compact design provides an economical solution for individual spaces such as school classrooms and small offices.

For a preview of their newest products and a sneak peek at some great enhancements to their Computer Aided Product Selection Program (CAPS), visit Greenheck booth #1650.

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