Greenheck Severe Environment Dampers Resist Corrosion

August, 2004

Greenheck Severe Environment Dampers Resist CorrosionGreenheck is the first manufacturer to offer 316 stainless steel construction in a standard product. This new line of Severe Environment Dampers offers an excellent corrosion-resistant option for applications such as paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, food processing plants, laboratories, coastal buildings and maritime applications.

When tested against 140 different corrosive mediums, 316 stainless steel was by far the best material. As a result, Greenheck's Severe Environment Dampers are made completely of 316 stainless, including all options and accessories. These dampers are available in more than 20 Greenheck models, providing fire life safety, control, and backdraft damper functions; and in configurations including round, commercial, industrial, dynamic fire, smoke, and fire smoke dampers.

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