Greenheck Introduces Model IG-HV Make-Up Air Unit

April, 2005

Greenheck Introduces Model IG-HV Make-Up Air Unit

Greenheck’s new cost efficient Model IG-HV indirect gas-fired make-up air units are ideal for

Greenheck’s Model IG-HV features large access panels for ease of inspection and maintenance, and is factory assembled and wired to minimize field installation costs.

commercial and institutional applications such as Medical clinics, hospitals, schools, corridor ventilation for apartments, and gyms. Model IG-HV features a power vented 80% efficient indirect gas-fired furnace with post-purge cycle and is ETL listed to ANSI Standards Z83.8 and CGA 2.6. The IG-HV units are supplied with double width, double inlet Greenheck forward curved blowers tested to AMCA standards for high efficiency and low sound levels. Model IG-HV provides airflow volumes to 7,000 cfm with heating capacities up to 400,000 BTU/hr input. The flexible Model IG-HV offers three heating and ventilation options and eight economizer and mixing box options, and can be supplied with the highest turndown furnace control in the industry (8:1 turndown).

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