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Greenheck Engineering Newsletter

Greenheck's Housed Plenum Array Ideal for New or Retrofit Air Handler ApplicationsGreenheck's Housed Plenum Array Ideal for New or Retrofit Air Handler Applications
Greenheck's newest addition to its plenum fan line, Housed Plenum Array Model HPA, is designed for fan array installations in air handler applications. Model HPA features a direct drive galvanized plenum fan mounted inside a sound attenuating housing. Integrated isolators between the fan and housing reduce vibration, eliminating the need for isolators and gaskets between modules. Available in ten wheel sizes (15 inch to 36 inch) and three different housing options (compact, standard and large), Model HPA is ideal for both retrofit and new air handler applications as its small, light-weight design makes it easy to move, stack and install. Model HPA is licensed to bear the AMCA seal for Sound and Air Performance.

Large Missile Impact Testing for Louver Products Video
Large Missile Impact Testing for Louver Products Video The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) recently introduced AMCA Standard 540 that requires Large Missile Impact testing for louver products. The new AMCA Standard subsequently has been adopted by the 2012 International Building Code (I B C), in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers (A S C E) version 7-10, for certain types of buildings and structures located within the Wind-Borne Debris Region of the Hurricane Prone Region. Click here to learn more about these upcoming changes.

Greenheck Toolbox App Now Available for Download
Greenheck's Housed Plenum Array Ideal for New or Retrofit Air Handler Applications Greenheck's Toolbox App contains a Fan Law Calculator and a Ductulator to help engineers and contractors make quick calculations. With the Fan Law Calculator, users input the existing specifications for rpm, cfm, static pressure, and horse power, and then input any one measurement you would like to change and the remaining values will automatically calculate using standard fan laws. The Ductulator allows users to easily size HVAC duct by inputting duct shape, rounded dimension, air temperature, elevation and roughness. Sizing can then be determined by airflow or dimensions. Select velocity or friction factor, input the volume, velocity and aspect ratio and the results are automatically calculated and displayed. The Greenheck Toolbox App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet. For a free download, go to the App Store for Apple or the Android Marketplace and download the Greenheck Toolbox.

Greenheck Introduces Tornado Dampers
Greenheck Introduces Tornado DampersHeavy duty Greenheck tornado dampers are double flanged channel frame style backdraft dampers designed to protect against tornadoes and rapid pressure changes. Installed in ductwork, or wall mounted, near the exterior of a building, Greenheck tornado dampers allow for air movement (intake or exhaust) during normal weather conditions. If a tornado passes near the building, the negative pressure caused by the tornado will cause the damper to close and prevent the collapse of the ductwork. Once the tornado has passed and the pressure equalizes, the spring-loaded blades will return the damper to its open position and revert back to normal ventilation. Model HTOD-330 will close in the same direction as normal flow and Model HTOD-331 will close in the opposite direction as normal flow.

CAPS 4.9
The current engineering version of CAPS is 4.9. If you are not running the most current version and would like to update, click here to download.

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Volume 4, Issue 5, December 18, 2012
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