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Pollution Engineering Editor's Choice Award - Greenheck Vektor-MH Greenheck Vektor-MH

Greenheck's Vektor®-MH mixed flow, high plume laboratory exhaust fan offers yet another performance option within the Vektor lab fan line. The Vektor-MH features a mixed flow wheel and high plume discharge with capacities up to 60,000 cfm and 8-in. wg. The fan's conical discharge nozzle is available with multiple nozzle sizes for increased efficiency. The Vektor-MH utilizes a bifurcated opening allowing easy access to belts and motors located outside of the contaminated air stream.

Available in ten sizes, the Vektor®-MH is ideal for medium to high-volume laboratory applications with mid to high static pressure requirements found in hospital labs, university labs, pharmaceutical companies, bio-tech companies and research facilities.

The Vektor-MH received the 2013 Editor's Choice Award from Pollution Engineering in the air category.


Vektor-MH mixed flow, high plume laboratory exhaust fan

Understanding Fan Efficiency Grades (FEG)

Project Profile – Almost Home Animal Shelter

What's New – HPA Fan Array Podcast

Did You Know?

Understanding Fan Efficiency Grades (FEG)

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Government agencies and regulatory bodies in the U.S. and around the world are working on regulations to help reduce power consumed by fans in commercial and industrial ventilation.

As a part of this effort, an efficiency metric known as Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) was developed by AMCA International* (in support of a request from ASHRAE** Standard 90.1) that could be used to establish minimum acceptable fan efficiency. The attached article defines the Fan Efficiency Grade metric, explain how FEG ratings are determined, and review key limitations of the FEG metric.

Project Profile

Almost Home Animal Shelter
Fort Dodge, IA

Although four times the size of the old shelters, the new shelter's annual energy bills are one-third less than the old shelters combined.

What's New

Housed Plenum Fan Array (HPA)

Find out about performance and service benefits of the Housed Plenum Fan Array from our recent Podcast.


Did You Know?

Although office buildings have the second largest amount of square footage, they consume the most energy of all building types, accounting for 19 percent of all commercial energy consumption.


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