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Greenheck has introduced a new single width fan, Model CSW, for general ventilation as well as environments which require spark resistance, high temperature tolerance, or resistance to corrosive elements. Model CSW is available in six direct-drive and belt-drive arrangements and features quad-split housings as well as a new Class 0 design for low pressure applications. Belt-drive units include an improved motor plate adjustment for easy belt tensioning. In addition, an increased motor size is available on Model CSW Arrangements 9 and 10. Arrangement 10 is available with a motor cover; all other arrangements can be specified with weather hoods.

Model CSW, replaces Greenheck Models BISW and AFSW. Currently available in fan sizes 33 – 73 inches. Sizes 7 – 30 inches will be available in August 2014. You can find complete submittal and base drawings in CAPS for all arrangements.


New Centrifugal Single Width Fan

Direct Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units

Project Profile – Grand Canyon University

Product Application Video - School

Did You Know? - Natural Gas Pipelines

Direct Gas-Fired Heating Make-Up Air Units

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Greenheck’s direct gas-fired make-up air units provide tempered outdoor air to a wide range of applications — from kitchens to industrial facilities. Greenheck offers three model types with various levels of construction and control accessories for maximum flexibility and performance.

Multiple blower and cabinet sizes provide airflow capacities up to 48,000 cfm and external static pressure capabilities up to 2.0 in. wg. All blowers are tested in our accredited laboratory to ensure accurate fan performance.

All units are factory-wired and tested prior to shipment. Each unit is checked for proper operation of the gas train, electrical components, and airflow.

Project Profile

Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

Due to varying classroom sizes and laboratory activities throughout the day, university officials wanted a laboratory exhaust system that would be both effective at removing laboratory fumes and cost-effective to operate.

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Product Applications

Classrooms to auditorium, gym, pool and labs, school air control is no simple subject. We can help with an integrated system that is quiet, cost-effective, and energy-efficient.


Did You Know?

Natural Gas Pipelines

If all the natural gas pipelines in the U.S. were connected to each other they would stretch to and from the moon almost three times.


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