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  1. Damper Applications: Industrial Damper Torque - How the Options You Select Affect Actuator Selection and Costs (DA/102-13)

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    This article will provide background on the various causes of damper torque and help you understand how these causes may affect your overall required torque to operate the damper and the cost impact of over-specifying. Unlike commercial HVAC dampers, operating...
    September 17th, 2013

  2. Damper Applications: Actuators for Commercial HVAC Dampers (DA/101-02)

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    To accomplish its intended purpose, every damper installed in an HVAC system must be equipped with an appropriate actuator. Selection of the appropriate actuator for a specific damper requires the consideration of a number of factors. This article will examine...
    June 1st, 2002

  3. Damper Applications: New UL Test Standards for Life Safety Dampers (DA/100-01)

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    To address the changing requirements in building codes, system design, and product application, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is continually revising and upgrading their Standards for Safety to assure end users that products will perform their intended function...
    June 1st, 2001

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