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  1. Codes and Standards: Understanding Fan Efficiency Grades (FEG) (CS/104-13)

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    Government agencies and regulatory bodies in the U.S. and around the world are working on regulations to help reduce power consumed by fans in commercial and industrial ventilation. As a part of this effort, an efficiency metric known as Fan Efficiency...
    February 13th, 2013

  2. Codes and Standards: New Test Standards for Louvers - International Building Code and Florida Building Code

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    The International Building Code (IBC) version 2012 along with the latest Florida Building Code (FBC) version 2010 have introduced new wind speed and load requirements along with new large missile impact requirements relative to wall louvers within the defined...
    October 29th, 2012

  3. Codes and Standards: New Test Standard for Dilution Blowers (CS/102-11)

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    For reasons of safety and health, not to mention litigation, consulting and facility engineers have long insisted on independent performance verification for fans and blowers used in general HVAC, as well as more critical applications. With their unique discharge...
    January 25th, 2011

  4. Codes and Standards: UL - Product Safety Certification in Air Movement and Control (CS/101-00)

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    The UL product safety certification organization is dedicated to product safety, just as AMCA is dedicated to the certification of performance ratings for our industry. Most of us are familiar with UL Listings only as they pertain to electrical appliances,...
    December 1st, 1999

  5. Codes and Standards: Why AMCA? Because you need the performance you specify. (CS/100-99)

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    The engineers and designers who select and specify products of all types for building projects carry a great deal of responsibility. That's why you need to specify fan, damper, and louver products that are AMCA licensed and that each individual product bear...
    October 1st, 1999

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