CAPS Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a fee or cost for CAPS software?
A.No.  The software is free to download. You will need to create a "MyGreenheck" account within the website and then login to that account  to access the CAPS download page. MyGreenheckSignUp.pdf

Q. The software is installed but now it is asking for a code, where do I find the CAPS "Activation Code"?
A.Log into your MyGreenheck account and select “Download CAPS”.  Your activation key will be displayed on this page. For more information see  CAPS Activation Code Lookup.pdf

Q: How do I get Revit drawing files from CAPS?
A:  Once you save your job file, select Reports, and then check “Revit Model (.rfa and .txt)”.  For more information there is a video about downloading Revit content:

Q.  I get an “Administrative permissions are required to update CAPS” error; what should I do?
A:  When you have the Legacy installation of CAPS you need Admin Rights to open CAPS after each update. In some cases you do not have these admin rights on your computer so you need to contact your IT department to update your PC (to allow the CAPS update).

An alternative MSI installation that lets you determine when you take the CAPS update is now available. Contact us at to obtain the MSI Installer.

Q: I get a “Could not open Job... Unknown file error” when trying to open my job file. How do I resolve this error?
A:  You most likely have a corrupt mark on the job file. Please send the job file to us at and we will check the file and remove the corrupt mark. Then you will need to open the job file and recreate the corrupt mark.

Q. I have another question not listed. How do I get an answer?A. Email Greenheck with any other question you might have at:

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