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Credit 2 Increased Ventilation
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Energy Recovery Ventilation rate 30% above ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 should utilize energy recovery equipment to minimize the associated increase in energy cost for improved IAQ. Greenheck energy recovery wheels have sensible and latent ER capabilities providing a total effectiveness of up to 80%. ERV
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Air Measuring Dampers Airflow measuring products are used to accurately measure and control air. Model IAQ-42 utilizes patented Speciflow™ technology to monitor airflow, temperature, and blade position. The AMS is an airflow measuring station, furnished with a pressure transducer that outputs a signal proportional to the cfm. The AMD series combines the function of an air measuring station and a low leakage control damper into one compact assembly that both measures and regulates airflow volumes to a target set-point. These products meet the minimum outdoor air requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62 or California Title 24. AMS
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Sure-Aire™ Airflow Monitoring System Greenheck's Sure-Aire Flow monitoring stations provide a means to monitor the volumetric flow through a fan. This information can be sent back to the building automation system to ensure the facility has proper ventilation for the specific application. An advantage with Greenheck's flow monitoring station is that there are no obstructions in the airstream. This design does not add additional static pressure and will not impact the fan's efficiency. -- Image/Product Link Revit Link Schofield, WI
Kitchen Ventilation Controls Greenheck's variable volume system for kitchen hoods monitors the cooking operation and adjusts the exhaust, supply, and/or rooftop unit fans on demand so that when cooking load is reduced, the fans operate at a reduced level. This results in measurable energy savings in terms of electricity and gas consumption both in operating motors and conditioning outside air. These systems use high-efficiency (HE) motors which are variable frequency drive (VFD) compatible and typically result in 50% reduction in tempering outside air costs. Vari-Flow System Image/Product Link Revit Link King's Mtn, NC
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