To navigate the courses, select the appropriate module on the left side of the screen. When in a training module, if the navigation panel is not visible, please click on the “Click for Navigation Panel” text below the Greenheck log.

Each course will start in “auto play” mode and enter manual mode when either the next or previous buttons are selected. Once the next or previous button has been selected, the presentation will remain in manual mode for the remainder of the session.

All controls for the program are located in the blue banner at the bottom of the screen.

Symbol key:

Closed Caption
Full Screen

To manually navigate through the course, you may click on the play , pause , previous and next buttons.

You may toggle closed-captioning on and off as needed. Volume may be adjusted by sliding the volume control left and right.

To view the program in Full Screen mode, select the icon. To exit the Full Screen mode, press the ESC key on your keyboard.

Your progress through the program will be displayed by the page number at the bottom of the screen.

To view the tool-tips, place your cursor over the icons at the bottom of the screen.

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