Directional Destratification Fans

Directional Destratification Fans

Directional destratification fans provide improved comfort and reduced energy costs by efficiently mixing air from floor to ceiling to improve temperature uniformity. These fans are ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional applications, especially in buildings with high ceilings.




Model DDF is a high-performance, direct-drive fan designed for applications where low sound and energy efficiency are critical. Featuring an aerodynamically optimized housing and Vari-Green EC motor, model DDF provides up to 15% more airflow than competitor products at a fraction of the operating cost. Plus, their powerful directional airflow can destratify spaces with ceilings up to 65 feet tall, taking energy savings and comfort to new heights.

Key Features:

10, 12 and 14 inch propeller diameters
Durable co-polymer composite housing
Electronically Commutated (EC) Vari-Green motor
10 foot wiring pigtail with plug

Motor and Voltage Options:

1/15 - 1/4 HP Direct Drive Motor
115-277V, Single Phase

Mounting Options:

Universal mounting using the supplied steel mounting cable and Gripple hanging hardware

Purchase Options: