Greenheck Introduces the VGD-100+ with Mobile App
October, 2018

Greenheck’s latest addition to its line of Vari-Green® energy control products is the VGD-100+ internal variable frequency drive. The VGD-100+ is equipped with Bluetooth PRV-phonecommunications and a smartphone companion app that makes set-up, status monitoring and troubleshooting easy and intuitive. The app replaces the need to access controls directly on the drive while providing an easier to understand display. Users can monitor the status of multiple fans, adjusting speed and settings as required when used according to app specifications. The VGD-100+ also adds four digital inputs, two digital outputs, BACnet and Modbus communications to meet the needs of today’s demanding applications. The factory-mounted Vari-Green drive greatly reduces the cost of installation, wiring and commissioning.

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment. 

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