Retention Policy

March 2022

As a reminder, Greenheck has a Record Retention policy, which states we will only retain sales order records for a period of 27 years, based on Greenheck’s longest product warranty. 

Any requests we receive for sales order information prior to this timeframe will no longer be available as these documents have been destroyed. Only IOM and catalog data will be available.  

Replacement parts are no longer available either, so the best route to service your customer is to recommend they purchase a new, higher efficiency product from you. 

A quick way to find the product’s age is from the serial number on the unit. Subtract the first two digits of the serial number from the current year (ex. 2019 - 90). If that two-digit number is greater than 27, the product is too old. Or, if the unit has a five or six-digit serial number, the product is too old. Product information no longer is available.