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We are pleased to offer educational training in a variety of HVAC subject areas. There are a number of online courses at no cost which can be taken at your leisure, Greenheck’s HVAC University program as well as a variety of instructor led courses available on a tuition basis.

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Current Online Course Offering:

Fan Fundamentals
 Module 1.1 (1 hr PDH credit)

Module 1.1 topics include terminology, impeller types, drive types, test standards and fan performance.

Fan Fundamentals (1 hr PDH credit)
Module 1.2

Module 1.2 will cover system effect, sound, and efficiencies. You will also learn how to determine volume and pressure, understand applications and installations, and make good fan selections.

Fan Coatings (.25 hr. PDH credit)
Fan Coatings includes reasons to coat, coating methods, a comparison of wet and powder coating, selecting the right coating and independent testing.

Fan Construction Materials (.25 hr. PDH credit)
The Fan Construction Materials module includes how construction material is determined as well as the various materials used in the HVAC industry.

Fan Accessories (.25 hr. PDH credit)
The Fan Accessories module discusses electrical controls, guards, dampers and vibration isolation.

Fan Bearings (.25 hr. PDH credit)
In the HVAC industry, bearings are critical components in transferring power from the motor to the fan impeller for belt-driven fans. In the Fan Bearings module we will review important aspects of bearings, specifically relating to air handling applications.

Fan Motors (1 hr. PDH credit)
In the Fan Motors module you will learn about the various motor categories, information included on the motor nameplate as well as other important motor information. Also included in this module are motor do's and don'ts and what to do if your motor fails.


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