Combination Extruded Louver/Dampers

Extruded aluminum combination louver/dampers incorporate operable and stationary blades into one common frame member. Design maintains a stationary appearance when adjustable blades are closed. A tight seal is created to prevent the passage of air. All models can be operated manually or by any commonly specified damper actuator.

Combination Extruded Louver/Dampers


  • Drainable Blades: Models EAC, EACC, EACA and ECD

    Drainable Blades: Models EAC, EACC, EACA and ECD

    All models include drainable stationary blades and a drainable head member. Drainable adjustable blades have either concealed blade linkage or exposed on-blade linkage. Design of EACA-601 incorporates Airfoil adjustable blades for less airflow resistance. Models EACC also incorporates a concealed actuator location. Available in 4 and 6 in. blade depths.

  • Gravity Louvers: Models GCE and GCI

    Gravity Louvers: Models GCE and GCI

    Combination weather louver and gravity backdraft dampers designed to protect air exhaust openings in building exterior walls. Design incorporates a drainable head member, J style stationary louver blades, pressure/gravity operated damper blades. Recommended application is in close proximity to an exhaust or intake air fan. Available in 4 in. blade depths.

  • Non-Drainable Blades: EACN-601

    Non-Drainable Blades: EACN-601

    Non-drainable stationary blades are combined with non-drainable center pivot adjustable blades. The design does include a drainable head member and concealed blade linkage. Only available in 6 in. blade depth.


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