Packaged Rooftop Controls

Greenheck offers a full range of control options for packaged rooftop units.

Packaged Rooftop Controls


  • Network Interface

    Network Interface

    An optimum solution for connecting a make-up air unit to a Building Management System (BMS). Available on models IGX, DGX and MSX. The network interface allows the BMS to monitor (and optionally control) the status and functions of the unit through a factory-installed controller. Control commands will be provided by terminal-style signals external to the unit.

  • Microprocessor


    The optional microprocessor controller is factory programmed, wired, and tested prior to shipment for each specific application. Greenheck’s microprocessor controller can be reconfigured in the field without additional equipment or factory reprogramming, offering flexibility and adjustability with its easy-to-use controller. The microprocessor controller is capable of operating stand-alone or it can be integrated into a Building Management System (BMS) at any time through a protocol card using BACnet® MS/TP or IP, LonWorks® or Modbus® RTU protocols.

  • Remote Interface

    Remote Interface

    The optional remote interface provides flexibility to the end-user as every control point parameter can now be accessed remotely. The remote interface is available as an accessory to the microprocessor or network interface.

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