The Vektor®-CS uses a high performance scroll style fan housing with a centrifugal impeller featuring the Variable Geometry Nozzle (VGN) technology to maintain a constant discharge velocity. Lower system profile allows for the drive components to be on the roof deck level for safety and accessible servicing without entering into the contaminated exhaust airstream for routine maintenance.

Applications could include laboratories, pharmacies, research facilities and industrial processes.



  • Model Vektor-CS

    Model Vektor-CS

    Safely maintains a constant discharge stack velocity at low volumes to maintain ANSI guidelines for building design velocities regardless of laboratory exhaust airflow, while reducing fan energy consumption on variable volume and demand-based ventilation systems. Available in belt or direct drive, and in single to quadruple fan systems, the centrifugal style fan houses the drive components out of the airstream and motor at roof deck level to the side of the common plenum.

    • 1,500 to 32,000 cfm per fan
    • Up to 10 in. wg
    • Spark C or B resistant construction
    • Certifications:
      • AMCA licensed for Air and Sound performance (AMCA 210 and 300)
      • UL/cUL listed for Electrical (UL/cUL 705)
      • OSHPD

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