Greenheck's Vektor®-HS is a single-source lab exhaust system designed to reduce fan energy in demand based applications. The Vektor®-HS features Variable Geometry Nozzle (VGN) technology, which monitors changes in airflow and static pressure in the occupied space, causing the fan's operation to adjust throughout the day based on demand.

Featuring a compact, low-profile housing, the Vektor®-HS offers building owners and end users the benefit of lower horsepower, lower fan energy consumption and lower operating costs than traditional lab exhaust systems. The Vektor®-HS is ideal for use in the high school and university laboratories and commercial research facilities with airflow capacities from 270 to 24,000 cfm and up to 3.5" wg in single fan systems only.


Advantages/Design Features

  • Ideal for demand-based ventilation systems
  • Reduced fan energy consumption
  • Reduced horsepower
  • Redduced sound levels during unoccupied hours
  • Simplified start-up process
  • Designed to withstand up to 125 mph windloads without guy wires
  • Meets ANSI Z9.5, NFPA 45 and ASHRAE Chapter 45 lab design guidelines
  • Configurable in single, fan systems only
  • Performance capacities, 270 cfm to 24,000 cfm; up to 3.5 in. wg per fan
  • Mounts quickly and easily on Greenheck's reinforced roof curb (Model GPFHL)


  • Vektor-HS


    Greenheck’s Vektor®-HS with VGN Technology maintains constant discharge stack velocity regardless of the laboratory exhaust airflow while reducing fan energy consumption on variable volume and demand-based ventilation systems. As airflow through the fan varies, the variable nozzle automatically adjusts to maintain the specified discharge velocity.


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