Greenheck's Vari-Green products are designed for energy-efficiency, controllability and low maintenance. They are an environmentally progressive option when specifying products for your next project.



  • Vari-Green Motor

    Vari-Green Motor

    The Vari-Green motor is a low-cost, easy to control, electronically commutated (EC) motor that uses AC input power and internally coverts it to a DC power supply. This highly reliable, energy efficient, low maintenance motor is capable of an 80% turndown and is changing the way the industry designs, specifies and operates air movement equipment

  • Vari-Green Controls

    Vari-Green Controls

    Greenheck’s Vari-Green® Controls have been developed to maximize the efficiency of ventilation systems in a wide variety of applications when used with the Vari-Green motor. By choosing a Vari-Green control with the Vari-Green motor, compatibility issues are eliminated and installation is simplified. These controls are designed to meet the needs for manual or automated operation in demand controlled ventilation systems.

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