Greenheck Introduces Model AER Direct Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan

February, 2018

Greenheck’s new Model AER direct drive sidewall propeller fan moves 30% more air compared to similar fans, allowing a smaller fan size to be specified to achieve desired performance--reducing first cost. Featuring a cast aluminum propeller and a unique aerodynamic drive frame that helps maximize efficiency, Model AER offers expanded performance up to 29,000 cfm and external static pressure up to 2.45 in. wg. Available in four sizes ranging from 20 to 36, Model AER can be specified in exhaust or supply configurations. Direct drive motor options are available up to 1 HP for Vari-Green® EC motors and up to 7.5 HP for AC motors. AMCA Licensed for Sound and Air Performance and UL/cUL Listed, Model AER is ideal for industrial and manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment.

For more information, contact Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410, (715) 359-6171, FAX (715) 355-2399 or visit

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