Greenheck Lab Exhaust Fans Receive High Wind Certification

November, 2014

Greenheck Lab Exhaust Fans Receive High Wind CertificationGreenheck's Vektor-H and Vektor-HS laboratory exhaust fan systems have received Miami-Dade NOA Certification and Florida Product Approval. The Vektor-H high plume fan with fixed discharge nozzle and the Vektor-HS high plume fan with variable geometry nozzle are the industry's first laboratory exhaust fan systems to be certified to high wind standrds. Both have been tested and approved in accordance with TAS 201: Large Missile Impact, TAS 202: Uniform Static Pressure and ASTM #72 (modified)for wind-bourne debris regions up to 140 PSF. Advantages of NOA Certificaiton include quicker project approval; no special enclosures needed around the lab exhaust system to meet construction requirements; and reduced building first-cost by eliminating unnecessary duct runs to these enclosures. NOA Certification is available on 1x1, 2x1 and 3x1 systems and fan sizes 9 through 36.

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