Greenheck Introduces New FEMA Compliant Louver

September, 2014

Greenheck Introduces New FEMA Compliant LouverGreenheck introduces Model AFL-501, a 5.5 inch deep, severe duty extruded aluminum louver that protects exterior wall penetrations on FEMA 320 or 361 compliant storm shelters or safe rooms. Model AFL-501's design incorporates inverted V style blades that lend high free area, excellent resistance to water penetration and very low airflow resistance, while providing maximum protection against extremely high wind loads and wind-borne debris. Licensed to bear the AMCA seal for Water Penetration and Air Performance, Model AFL-501's UL Classified wind-storm rated assembly can withstand wind loads up to +/- 300 PSF and passes the ICC 500 debris impact standard of a 15 lb. 2x4 traveling at 100 MPH. Manufactured of extruded aluminum, Greenheck louvers can be specified with a variety of options in a broad array of architectural finishes for durability and compatibility with adjacent components.

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