New Vektor-CD Laboratory Exhaust System From Greenheck

September, 2005

New Vektor-CD Laboratory Exhaust System From Greenheck

Greenheck’s new Vektor™-CD (Centrifugal High Plume Dilution) Laboratory Exhaust System combines the Vektor high plume dilution stack design with a side inlet centrifugal arrangement to safely exhaust laboratory work environments. The centrifugal blower design is ideal for applications requiring horizontal air intake or for systems with external static pressures in excess of 8 inches wg. The Vektor-CD uses backward curved flat blade and backward curved airfoil blade that allow for efficient operation with reduced energy consumption and lower overall sound levels. Vektor-CD units are available with AMCA spark C or B construction in belt or direct drive configurations that offer safe and easy motor replacement without contacting the contaminated interior of the blower. Vektor-CD bypass air plenums are designed for single or multiple Vektor centrifugal blowers.

Greenheck is the world’s largest manufacturer of air movement and control equipment and has the most extensive line of laboratory exhaust systems in the industry.

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