Greenheck Breaks Ground on Addition to Frankfort, KY, Manufacturing Facility

September, 2003

Greenheck Fan Corporation, Schofield, WI, broke ground on a 5,000-sq. ft. addition to their Frankfort, KY, manufacturing facility. The added space will allow for better space utilization and increase the plant capacity by over 50 percent. The plant currently produces dampers and louvers for commercial, industrial, and institutional air control applications.

"The added space will allow us to relayout our existing manufacturing lines so that we will have better material flow throughout the plant." said Bill Fox, Plant Manager, "The improved flow, combined with lean manufacturing principles, will result in additional capacity to handle our growing sales volume."

Presently the plant employs 112 employee-owners, of which 102 work in production and skilled trades and 10 work in the office. The production and skilled trades workers are represented by the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local No. 433.

Greenheck opened the current 50,000-sq. ft. facility in August of 1996. Since then, they have increased their shipments from $7.5 million per year to an expected $20 million this year. The current site could handle up to a 150,000-sq. ft. facility.

"Making the investment to increase our capacity from $20 million to $30 million annually is a critical step towards positioning the Kentucky plant for future business growth and continued profitability. Frankfort and the surrounding areas of Franklin County have been very good business partners and have made us feel part of the community. We look forward to continuing this relationship and the growth of this facility," said Eric Malm, General Manager for Greenheck’s Damper and Louver Business Unit.

"Greenheck has been a good fit for our community. They pay well and they are good corporate citizens. They contribute to local charities and provide volunteers for several boards and agencies," said Darrell Gilliam, Executive Director of Capital Community Economic/Industrial Development Authority for Frankfort. "I am always glad to see an existing industry expand because it means they are happy in Frankfort and not taking their business to another community."

Greenheck, an employee-owned company, is headquartered in Schofield, WI. They have sales in excess of $225 million annually, employ over 1,500 and operate manufacturing and distribution centers throughout North America and the World. Their comprehensive line of ventilation products include fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial fans, dampers, louvers, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, and kitchen ventilation systems for the commercial, industrial and institutional market with primary markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

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