Greenheck Offers Quieter Plenum Fans

November, 2003

Greenheck Offers Quieter Plenum FansGreenheck’s new and improved plenum fan, Model QEP, leads the industry with the lowest overall sound levels and the highest mechanical efficiencies. Plenum fans are designed for unhoused operation within a pressurized plenum, and this new fan is recommended for any air handler or pressurized plenum room application that requires low sound and high efficiency. A new catalog provides construction specifications and detailed performance statistics.

Model QEP uses 12 airfoil blades, versus the traditional 9 blades in typical centrifugal products. The additional blades improve the overall sound quality by reducing low-octave band tones and providing a "flat" sound spectrum that is easier to muffle.

This new catalog includes information on design and performance, construction, accessories, system design considerations and product specifications

For more information, contact your Greenheck representative or visit where you can hear the sound advantage of the QEP for yourself.

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