Greenheck Receives People Power Award

September, 2004

Greenheck Fan Corporation, one of Central Wisconsin's largest manufacturers, was recently selected as a Wisconsin Honor Roll company by the Milwaukee office of Deloitte & Touche. The firm's annual Wisconsin Honor Roll recognizes the top public and privately held companies headquartered in Wisconsin that have a majority of ownership by an individual(s), family, or employee stock ownership program (ESOP). Greenheck being largely employee-owned also ranks in the top 50 largest ESOP companies in the U.S.

At the Milwaukee event on September 16 recognizing this year's honor roll companies, Greenheck received the "People Power Award," which was one of four awards presented. The People Power Award recognizes a company's commitment to its employees by providing empowerment resources and assistance to help employees understand and adapt to a changing business world or changing conditions within the company. Greenheck's selection for this award came as the result of the company's ability to rally its employee-owners to engage in new business practices necessary to grow the company and maintain profitability in the worst market in thirty years for nonresidential construction.

"Over the past three years, Greenheck has implemented a wide range of new selling strategies, expanded its product portfolio, and turned to its employee-owners to improve productivity in the interest in continuing to grow in a down economy. Overall, the company has grown sales by a little over 20% in the last three years and has achieved a 16% improvement in productivity rates," said Greenheck President and CEO, Dwight Davis. Davis went on to point out, "Our success in outperforming the markets is a tribute to our people, their ability to implement change, and the loyal support of our many longstanding business partners."

With annual sales exceeding $250M, Greenheck is the leading global manufacturer of a wide-range of air movement and control equipment for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The company, which began operations in 1947, employs more than 1,775 people and is headquartered in Schofield, Wisconsin. Since the spring of this year, Greenheck has expanded its local workforce by 150 people. The company has five manufacturing locations and twelve distribution centers across the U.S. and around the world.

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