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Greenheck Builds More Value In Air With More Revit Content and Vektor AMCA Certification

Greenheck recently added Revit® 3D Content for the following models

  • Make-Up Air models KSFB and KSFD. These models economically supply untempered make-up air where needed.
  • Centrifugal roof supply fan model SAF. These fans included filtered and non-filtered belt-driven units. They are suitable for non-tempered kitchen make-up air or building supply air.
  • Energy recovery ventilator Model ERV for interior or exterior installation. Energy recovery ventilators package a total enthalpy wheel with exhaust and supply blowers and factory prewired electrical component.
  • MiniVent which is an indoor energy recovery ventilator. The compact design provides an economical solution for individual spaces such as classrooms and small offices.

Greenheck's Library - Single Download Revit Link

The library now offers you the opportunity to download all Greenheck 3D Revit Drawing in one single location. You can choose to download all files at once, or select by individual product group. Check back often for more 3D drawings.

Be sure to check out the wide variety of literature, technical data, application articles, Green/LEED information, project profiles and more in the library.

Greenheck's Vektor-MD AMCA 260 Certified

Greenheck’s Vektor™-MD is now licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Induced Flow Fan rating based on AMCA 260. The Air Movement & Control Association International Inc. (AMCA) Certified Ratings Program assures that a product has been tested and rated in accordance with AMCA International’s test standards and ratings requirements.
Greenheck’s Vektor™-MD Mixed Flow High Plume Dilution blower is a self-contained exhaust system with a unique discharge nozzle design that entrains additional ambient air to mix with the potentially hazardous exhaust fumes. The additional air dilutes the lab effluent and increases the discharge flow and velocity, displacing the exhaust high above the roof and away from building make-up air systems—without the need for unsightly exhaust stacks. The Vektor-MD system is suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical, university, biotech and other laboratory applications.
Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2009
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