Vertical Blade Louver for Hurricane Zone; plus Grease Trapper Pollution Control
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Greenheck's new Model EVH-501D stationary vertical blade louver is Florida Building Code Approved for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone and Miami-Dade Approved for use where the room behind the louver is not designed to drain water penetrating into the room or the room will house non-water resistant or water proof equipment, components or supplies. Model EVH-501D is AMCA 550 and 540 Listed for High Velocity Rain Resistance and Enhanced Impact Resistance.

AMCA Licensed for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain, Model EVH-501D's design incorporates a drainable head member and 5-inch deep vertical rain-resistant blades. Louvers featuring vertical blades offer the best protection against wind-driven rain, provide exceptionally low airflow resistance while providing a distinct look to a building's facade.

Manufactured of extruded aluminum, Greenheck louvers can be specified with a variety of options in a broad array of architectural finishes for durability and compatibility with adjacent components.

Grease Trapper Pollution Control Unit for your
kitchen exhaust system, meets UL-1978 Standard

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The Grease Trapper uses a three-stage mechanical filter arrangement to remove grease and smoke particles from the exhaust air of a restaurant at an economical first cost. Activated carbon panels remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air, reducing the impact of kitchen exhaust to the surrounding areas.

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Wausau Curling Club
Wausau, WI

When a curling competition takes place, hundreds of competitors and spectators may gather in the hospitality and viewing areas. A cost-effective, energy-efficient, dependable, and easy-to-operate ventilation system was imperative.

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Science behind curling ice

To make the ice more amenable to the sport, devoted ice makers employ a technique called 'pebbling.' More or less what it sounds like, pebbling involves freezing small droplets of water across the playing surface between each match.


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