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New Product Offerings From Greenheck

Greenheck Introduces Fully Packaged Rooftop Ventilator System
Visit greenheck.com for Fan Fundamentals Online TrainingGreenheck’s new rooftop ventilation unit, Models RV and RVE, fully conditions and controls any mixture of outdoor and return air. Designed for rooftop installations, Model RV/RVE is easily configurable making it ideal for HVAC systems in commercial or institutional applications including schools, offices, and government buildings. The pre-engineered system features two-inch double-wall construction, coupled with direct-drive plenum fans, heating options (indirect gas furnace, hot water or electric), cooling options (packaged DX, chilled water or split DX) and an optional energy wheel (Model RVE). Performance capabilities up to 9,500 cfm make this equipment flexible enough to meet the demands of today’s heating, cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation requirements.

Greenheck Introduces Grease Grabber™ Pollution Control Units
Greenheck Offers Packaged DX System on Select Kitchen Make-Up Air UnitsGreenheck introduces the new Grease Grabber™ Triple Play and Power Play pollution control units, designed specifically to eliminate both smoke and grease particles from commercial kitchen exhaust systems, with odor control modules that eliminate or reduce odors to acceptable levels. The Grease Grabber Triple Play, featuring a three-stage mechanical filter arrangement is coupled with activated carbon panels to remove odor molecules prior to discharging the air, reducing the impact of kitchen exhaust on the surroundings. The Grease Grabber Power Play’s permanent electrostatic collector section removes grease and smoke particles from the airstream, while its integrated self-cleaning wash sequence allows for low maintenance and constant performance. Both units are ETL listed to the UL 710 standard and built in accordance with NFPA 96.

Greenheck Brochure Highlights Seismic Rated Fans
Text Box:  Greenheck's new 12-page "Seismic Solutions" brochure details its expanded line of seismic-rated fans. With performance verified through shake-table testing at independent facilities, Greenheck offers HVAC equipment certified to meet the latest International Building Code and California (OSHPD) standards, and can supply seismic-rated fans to meet your building's requirements anywhere in the US. The brochure features an overview chart summarizing the seismic certifications and ratings for more than 20 Greenheck product models. The brochure also includes test protocol descriptions and installation and mounting details. Click here for more seismic information.

Visit greenheck.com for Fan Fundamentals Online Training
Visit greenheck.com for Fan Fundamentals Online TrainingCheck out Greenheck’s Fan Fundamentals series of online training courses. Ideal as a refresher or for those new to ventilation concepts, Fan Fundamentals, Module 1.1 covers terminology, impeller types, drive types, test standards and fan performance. Fan Fundamentals, Module 1.2 discusses system effect, sound, and efficiencies. Participants will also learn how to determine volume and pressure, understand applications and installations, and make good fan selections. To access the training modules, log into your Greenheck account. PDH certificates will be sent after completion of each module.

The current engineering version of CAPS is 4.6. If you are not running the most current version and would like to update, click here to download.

Volume 3, Issue 7, November 1, 2011
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