The largest dynamic fire dampers in the industry; plus energy recovery filter system
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Fire dampers are required by all building codes to maintain the required fire resistance ratings of walls, partitions, barriers and floors where they are penetrated by air ducts or other transfer openings. The maximum size opening that can be protected by any manufacturer's fire damper is specifically stated in their UL listing at

Greenheck has recently completed UL testing of four damper models designed for use in large openings. We now offer the largest UL qualified dynamic fire dampers in the industry. Four models are available with 3V or fabricated airfoil blades and fire resistance ratings up to three hours.

Energy Recovery Filter System for Kitchen Hoods

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With Greenheck's new Energy Recovery Filter System, you can now capture the heat that would otherwise be exhausted, and use it to preheat your hot water. The Energy Recovery Filter System captures the waste heat produced by the cooking appliances that would otherwise be exhausted from a kitchen hood and uses it to preheat a portion of the incoming water supply that is directed into the patented energy recovery filters.

Water flowing through the filters captures the waste heat from the exhaust airstream, preheating the water supply. Preheating water before it enters a conventional water heater can drastically reduce a restaurant's water heating costs.


The Largest Dynamic Fire Dampers in the Industry

Energy Recovery Filter System

Project Profile – Saddleback Church Refinery - Lake Forest, CA

Educational Opportunities - Fan Fundamentals 1.1

Did You Know? – Veterans Day

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Project Profile

Saddleback Church Refinery
Lake Forest, CA

Traditional fans run only at one speed and therefore cannot be varied based on demand. The main challenge was finding a cost effective fan that could run at multiple speeds.

Educational Info

Fan Fundamentals 1.1
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With Fan Fundamentals 1.1 you'll understand the objective of fan systems. Key topics include: Terminology, Impeller Types, Drive Types, Test Standards, and Fan Performance.


Did You Know?

Veterans Day

There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States.


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