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Greenheck Engineering Newsletter

CAPS 4.10 Release Available January 8th.

Greenheck's CAPS engineering version 4.10 is now available. Read below to find out more about the program improvements, new products and other highlights.

Program ImprovementsProgram Improvements

  • You can set the motor service factor (Allow Motor SF) at the job level for all marks. This prevents selections where the motor is operating into the service factor.
  • New gravity ventilator wizard allows you to see and compare all 13 gravity ventilator models.
  • Print the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals (IOMs) as part of the Submittal Packet - Click the “Include static IOM pages” checkbox.

New Product and Option Highlights

  • Fans
    • Sidewall propeller fans (models SBE and SBCE) have a new louver/fire damper option.
    • Sidewall propeller fans have a thermally insulated damper option (model ICD-44).
    • Vari-Green motors are available on fan sizes 60, 65, 70, and 75 on the spun aluminum downblast (model G), upblast (model CUE), and sidewall (model CW).
    • Roof curbs are offered in taller heights (up to 42-inches).
    • Housed plenum array (model HPA) is now AMCA licensed for Sound and Air.
    • Laboratory exhaust model (Vektor®-MD) provides the ability to compare belt and direct drive performance side-by-side.
    • Discharge silencers are available on the Vektor®-MD.
    • Stack extensions are available on the Vektor®-H.
  • Dampers
    • Round UL dampers – wall thickness changes/enhancements.
    • Warnock-Hersey certification on ceiling radiation dampers (CRD series).
    • Drive arrangement drawings have been updated and include vertical blade models.
    • Next day and 3-day quick build programs are available on the RBD and RBDR.
    • FM Global approval on select fire, smoke, and combination dampers.
  • Kitchen Hoods
    • Hoods can be entered directly from the CAPS product tree (model GHEW).
  • Tempered Air Products
    • Additional options on high percentage outdoor air units (models RV/RVE) include:
      • Hail guards on packaged DX
      • Smoke detectors
      • Barometric relief dampers
      • Additional roof curb heights
  • Louvers
    • AMCA 540 (large missile impact) and AMCA 550 (high velocity wind driven rain) Licensing for all Florida Approved Product and Miami-Dade Qualified louver models.

Revit® and AutoCAD® Content
Greenheck's Housed Plenum Array Ideal for New or Retrofit Air Handler ApplicationsCAPS allows you to easily generate as-configured Revit® and CAD content which can save you time and money.  When changes occur, re-generate the content and the Revit data is reloaded.  Each mark will then update to the latest configuration details and performance.

New Installation Package Targeted for IT Personnel
We have added the Microsoft Systems Installer (MSI) installation package which has proven to have fewer issues with other programs and antivirus software. The MSI installation package is intended, but not limited to the IT person. It has several advantages:

  • Allows for mass deployment - IT can release it to multiple computers. 
  • Fixes some of the Admin Rights issues.  Allows CAPS to run until IT updates your computer.
  • Allows for installation for someone without Internet access (firms with high security).

If you have these requirements, please contact the CAPS Customer Service group for the new MSI based installation package.

CAPS Technical Support

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 8, 2013
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