New Utility Set Fan Series & EQB Podcast; plus are bearing currents causing your motor failures?
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Greenheck’s new Utility Set Fan (USF) Series offers multiple levels of construction to meet a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Constructed from galvanized steel and a bolted frame, Model USF-200 utilizes a backward inclined centrifugal wheel and is ideal for Class I airflow and pressure applications where clean air is being exhausted. Ideal for light duty commercial and institutional applications. USF-200 capacities range from 50 to 13,700 cfm and up to 5.0 in. wg.

Offering a bolted together, painted steel construction Model USF-300 is used in light industrial and specialty commercial applications where a coating on the housing and in the airstream is required. USF-300 has an increased performance range with capacities up to 54,000 cfm and 5.0 in. wg. This fan can be used in UL-762 Grease Exhaust and is UL rated for High Temperature Smoke Exhaust applications.

Model USF-400 spans the gap between the standard utility sets (USF-200 and USF-300) and industrial blowers (Model CSW). USF-400 is designed for industrial applications requiring additional strength and rigidity. Featuring painted steel construction and either a backward inclined or airfoil wheel and capable of Class II applications with capacities up to 69,000 cfm and 8.5 in. wg. The USF-400 also can be used in UL-762 Grease Exhaust applications and is UL rated for High Temperature Smoke Exhaust.

EQB Podcast - Maximize air performance while reducing energy usage and sound.

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This podcast will introduce you to Greenheck’s new model EQB Mixed Flow Inline Fan.

The EQB uses a mixed flow wheel, which combines the best of the axial and centrifugal properties into one product.

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Application Articles

Are Bearing Currents
Causing Your Motor Failures?

Amidst the unpredictable cases of bearing current damage, industry experts have identified some things that exacerbate the occurrence and promote damaging effects.

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Fan Construction Materials
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This module will cover how fan construction material is determined; as well as the various materials used in the HVAC industry. Choosing the right material is based on: Function, Application, Strength and Durability.


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