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Help your food service clients reduce energy costs in the kitchen with Greenheck’s Vari-Flow integrated kitchen ventilation systems. These systems precisely modulate exhaust and supply airflows to match cooking operation demands. Temperature sensors located in the hoods’ capture area respond to cooking load changes five times faster than duct-mounted sensors, which is what most existing variable volume systems use. This feature, coupled with fan-speed turndown of 50% and high efficiency Vari-Green motors, can dramatically reduce electrical, heating and cooling costs.

Two types of controls are available; an easy-to-use keypad or a new advanced touchscreen control that includes independent light and fan control, programmable fan scheduling, VFD control, and help diagnostics to monitor energy usage. Live and historical energy monitoring and trending information is also provided. Greenheck’s Vari-Flow system is compatible with BACnet MSTP/IP, LON and ModBus for easy integration into most building management systems.


Vari-Flow Controls - Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation

Motor Starters Podcast

Project Profile – Great River Energy

Product Application Video - Restaurant

Did You Know? - Kitchen Grease

Motor Starters Podcast - Functionality and Applications

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This podcast will introduce you to Greenheck’s new motor starter offering.

We’ll discuss the functionality and applications of motor starters, motor starter controls and how selecting the right motor starters and/or controls can ensure your customers’ projects will operate efficiently and effectively.

Project Profile

Great River Energy
Maple Grove, MN

Great River Energy elected to use environmentally responsible construction processes that will help qualify the building for LEED Platinum certification, the first in Minnesota.

What's New

Product Applications

Effective and efficient control of interior air is a must. Greenheck products are designed to work together as complete, integrated ventilation systems that deliver value.


Did You Know?

Kitchen Grease

A typical fast food restaurant in the U.S. will produce approximately 35 pounds of grease per day.


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Volume 6, Issue 2, March 20, 2014
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