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Motor Starter Standard Control (MSSC)SpecificationMotor StartersMotor Starters
MS-4120, MS-4620, MS-8120SubmittalDampersActuators
MS-4209, MS-4309, MS-4709, MS-4809, MS8209, MS-8309SubmittalDampersActuators
MS-7505, MS-7510, MS-7520, MS-8105 and MS-8110 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS-7510 and MS-8110 seriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS7505, and MS8105 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS7520 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MSxx04 and MSxx09 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
Multi-Voltage TransformerSubmittalDampersActuators
Nema 4/4XSubmittalDampersActuators
NEMA 7SubmittalDampersActuators
NFB SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
NMB and NMX SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
No Flow Duct Smoke Detector 2151SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Smoke Dampers
ODFD-150 (1-1/2 Hour, Out of Wall)SubmittalDampersFire Dampers
OFD-150 (1-1/2 Hour, Out of Wall)SubmittalDampersFire Dampers
OFSD-211 (1-1/2 Hour, Class I, 3-V Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-212 (1-1/2 Hour, Class II, 3-V Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-311 (1-1/2 Hour, Class I, Fabricated Airfoil Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-312 (1-1/2 Hour, Class II, Fabricated Airfoil Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Open or Closed IndicatorSubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Commercial Control Dampers
Smoke Dampers
Options & Accessories for Type I HoodsOther InfoKitchen Ventilation SystemsEnergy Recovery Filter System
Type I Proximity (Backshelf) Grease Exhaust Hood
Type I Single Island Style (V-Bank) Canopy Hoods Grease Exhaust Hood
Type I Wall Canopy Grease Exhaust Hoods
Options & Accessories for Type II HoodsOther InfoKitchen Ventilation SystemsType II Heat and Condensate Hoods
Other available configuration optionsOther InfoInline and Ceiling FansVane Axial Medium Pressure Fans
Out of Wall Dynamic Curtain StyleSpecificationDampersFire Dampers
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