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Document NameTypeProduct CategoryProduct Groups
Gravity Ventilator, Model GRSISpecificationGravity VentilatorsGravity Intake and Relief Ventilators
Gravity Ventilator, Model GRSRSpecificationGravity VentilatorsGravity Intake and Relief Ventilators
Gravity Ventilator, Model RGUSpecificationGravity VentilatorsGravity Intake and Relief Ventilators
Grease Grabber FilterSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsGrease Extraction
Grease TrapperSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsPollution Control Units
Grease X-Tractor FilterSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsGrease Extraction
GRRSSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsResidential Range Fire Suppression
HB-xxx SeriesSpecificationDampersBackdraft Dampers
Heavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HBR-050SpecificationDampersBackdraft Dampers
Heavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HBS SeriesSpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HBTR SeriesSpecificationDampersBubble Tight
Heavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HCD-120 and HCD-220SpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HCD-140 and HCD-240SpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HCD-x30 Series (Fab. Airfoil blades)SpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HCDR SeriesSpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
HCDR-351 (.rtf format)SpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
High Velocity Cartridge FilterSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsGrease Extraction
Hood SpecificationsSpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsEnergy Recovery Filter System
Type I Proximity (Backshelf) Grease Exhaust Hood
Type I Single Island Style (V-Bank) Canopy Hoods Grease Exhaust Hood
Type I Wall Canopy Grease Exhaust Hoods
Type II Heat and Condensate Hoods
Horizontal Supply Plenum (HSP)SpecificationKitchen Ventilation SystemsExternal Supply Plenums
HPR-xxx SeriesSpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
Relief Dampers
HSD-401 (.rtf format)SpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
Smoke Dampers
HTOD SeriesSpecificationDampersHeavy Duty / Industrial Dampers
ICD SeriesSpecificationDampersCommercial Control Dampers
IMO-310 and SSIMO-310SpecificationDampersMarine Dampers
IMO-311 and SSIMO-311SpecificationDampersMarine Dampers
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