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Document NameTypeProduct CategoryProduct Groups
Model IDHBSubmittalDuct HeatersDuct Heaters
Model IDHCSubmittalDuct HeatersDuct Heaters
Momentary Test SwitchSubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Smoke Dampers
MS-4120, MS-4620, MS-8120SubmittalDampersActuators
MS-4209, MS-4309, MS-4709, MS-4809, MS8209, MS-8309SubmittalDampersActuators
MS-7505, MS-7510, MS-7520, MS-8105 and MS-8110 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS-7510 and MS-8110 seriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS7505, and MS8105 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MS7520 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
MSxx04 and MSxx09 SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
Multi-Voltage TransformerSubmittalDampersActuators
Nema 4/4XSubmittalDampersActuators
NEMA 7SubmittalDampersActuators
NFB SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
NMB and NMX SeriesSubmittalDampersActuators
No Flow Duct Smoke Detector 2151SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Smoke Dampers
ODFD-150 (1-1/2 Hour, Out of Wall)SubmittalDampersFire Dampers
OFD-150 (1-1/2 Hour, Out of Wall)SubmittalDampersFire Dampers
OFSD-211 (1-1/2 Hour, Class I, 3-V Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-212 (1-1/2 Hour, Class II, 3-V Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-311 (1-1/2 Hour, Class I, Fabricated Airfoil Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
OFSD-312 (1-1/2 Hour, Class II, Fabricated Airfoil Blade)SubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Open or Closed IndicatorSubmittalDampersCombination Fire-Smoke Dampers
Commercial Control Dampers
Smoke Dampers
Penthouse Elevator Vent, Model PEVSubmittalLouversPenthouse Elevator Vent
Pneumatic No. 3, No. 4, No. 6 actuatorsSubmittalDampersActuators
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