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eCAPS® is an Engineer Application Suite designed for HVAC engineers.  It includes online fan, louver and dedicated outdoor air selection, damper guide, and a toolbox.

eCAPS online selection guides you to choose the best value fan or louver without needing to know a lot about HVAC or our specific model names. It's quick, easy, and Greenheck's eCAPSensures your selection is the most appropriate for your application.

The toolbox includes application tools including; online fan fundamental courses, system effects simulator, and other new technology improvements in fan and louver applications.

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For a quick Tutorial about Outdoor Air (DOAS) Selection in eCAPS Click here
For a quick Tutorial about Fan Selection in eCAPS Click here
For a quick Tutorial about Louver Selection in eCAPS Click here
To view an Interactive Brochure Click here
For a Features and Benefits Brochure Click here
For Registration to use all features of eCAPs Click here
For a list of Frequently Asked Questions Click here

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Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Safari and Mozilla Firefox

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