Quick Tips

Time & Money Saving Quick Tips

Easy-install dampers for faster [air] work.

Don't let field fabrication and complicated installation slow you down or cause costly errors. Greenheck dampers include factory- installed retaining angles, breakaway connections and duct access doors that save time and ensure the project's done right. Available quick in just 1 day.

Included clip angles simplify [air] work.

Manufacturer-provided clip angles eliminate guesswork and make installation into wall openings fast and easy. Aluminum 1.5-inch-by-1.5-inch angles are shipped loose with the majority of Greenheck louvers.

Quick work can hinge on hinged [air] components.

Greenheck's factory-mounted hinged-base for roof-mounted ventilation units makes installation faster and maintenance easier. Allows easy access to ductwork, damper, actuator or underside of the fan. Available quick in just 3 days.

Quick-install, sure-fit sidewall [air] units.

With a factory-assembled wall housing or wall sleeve, you'll save installation time and have compatibility with other system components including dampers, actuators, guards and weather hoods. One-Point Wiring connects the damper actuator, disconnect switch, and motor to a single one-point location for easy installation. Available quick in just 5 days.

100% outside [air] GreenHeat® system.

Combining 100% outdoor air and direct gas-fired heaters, the highly efficient GreenHeat® system is inexpensive to install and requires significantly less energy than other heating technologies, while providing even heating throughout the space. Available quick in just 10 days.

Slip-fit collars for mixed flow [air] units.

Greenheck QEI fans are constructed standard with a slip-fit collar for ducted applications. Save the cost and time of looking for inlet/outlet companion flanges and punched flange accessories. Available quick in just 10 days.

Small [air] handler handles any application.

Greenheck's Model MSCF modular small cabinet fans provide custom flexibility — configurable in any arrangement (multiple filters, coils, access plenums). Easy to install and field-adaptable to tight-space installations. Available for quick build in just 10 or 15 days.

Custom [coils] made to fit your needs.

Greenheck manufactures competitively priced, quality-engineered, custom replacement coils for heating and cooling applications. Every coil is leak-tested under water with 450 PSIG of dry nitrogen to guarantee 100% quality assurance. Available for quick build in just 3, 5, or 10 days.

Protect [air] openings from wind-driven rain.

Greenheck's vertical blade design on the EVH series of louvers provides the
best protection against wind-driven rain and water penetration. Also available 6-inch Florida and Miami-Dade approved models. EVH series available on the Quick Build program.

Important points about easy [air] hookup.

For rooftop propeller fans requiring dampers, our extended base option factory-mounts the damper and actuator in the fan. Greenheck's one-point wiring option on these rooftop propeller and sidewall propeller fans places all wires at one location for easy electrical connection. Available quick in just 5 days.

Bathroom [air] idea: integral motion sensor.

Greenheck bathroom ceiling fans with grille-mounted motion sensors lower operating costs by turning off after a few minutes of no motion. They also reduce installation costs because they are pre-wired. Available with or without a lighted grille. Available quick in just 3 days.

Install [air] equipment that's pre-wired.

Speed up installation and avoid costly electrical problems. Order 100% tested Greenheck fans with factory-mounted motors pre-wired to specified voltage— and factory-mounted disconnect switches. Available quick in just 1 day.

Capture grease at the kitchen [air] hood.

Greenheck's Grease Grabber™ filter-style kitchen hoods prevent grease build-up on the roof, reduce fire hazard and help lower operating costs by reducing the need for duct cleanings and minimizing wear on fan motors. Available quick in just 10 days.

Variable volume control for kitchen [air] flow.

A Greenheck Variable Volume Kitchen Ventilation System uses heat and optic sensors to continuously match exhaust and supply airflow to cooking load fluctuations throughout the day, reducing operating costs. Cost payback can be realized within 2-3 years.

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