Employee Testimonials

Mike Wolf - Product Manager

Greenheck is a great place to build your career. I started working at Greenheck right out of college. My first assignment was a sales application engineering position. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to take on roles ranging from product development engineer to general manager to sales manager. What I thought was going to be a place to spend a couple of years and move on has turned into a career that provides continuous opportunities for growth, learning and advancement.  

One of the things I love most about Greenheck is the opportunity to work with and meet some really great people. I recently hosted a group of engineers from Texas on a factory visit. As they were leaving I asked them what parts of the visit they found most valuable. Their answer, the people they had met. They went on to explain that everyone from the production employees to the company president had been down to earth and knowledgeable about our products, the company and the needs of the customer.

Shamus Doran - Product Development Engineer 

Having the opportunity to work at Greenheck is an immensely humbling experience. I have never met a more dedicated, enthusiastic and helpful group of employees who care about the products they make. The opportunity I was given not only increased my technical knowledge, but has allowed me to make a difference in this great community. I am thankful for the experience and the impact it has had on my life. I couldn't have asked for more from such an outstanding company."

Tyler Utecht - Co-op Student

Coming into my co-op at Greenheck I felt that I had a good foundation of knowledge from school. During my time here I was able to build upon that foundation and gain valuable engineering experience in a professional environment, where everyone was always helpful and friendly. Greenheck's co-op program not only validated my career choice, it also allowed me the opportunity to prepare myself for a future engineering career.



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