Drawings for Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Greenheck offers downloadable CAD drawings and Revit content for BIM (Building Information Modeling). You can choose from four different methods.

1) Download directly from the website. These drawings are for the most common models/sizes/configurations. Go to website drawings now.

2) Download from the online Fan Application Suite, eCAPS. This is great when the model and/or size is not known for your performance. These drawings are for the most common fan models/sizes/configurations. AutoCAD drawings are available in 2D and 3D and are to-scale. Revit content contains a Revit project by model with one of every size. Go to eCAPS now

3) Configure the product and download drawings from our Computer Aided Product Selection program, CAPS. These drawings are for the specific configured product including options/accessories. CAPS contains all our products. AutoCAD drawings are available in 2D and are to-scale. The Revit families are in a .rfa format and include a .txt file. Equipment schedule information and wiring schematics are available for some products. Download and install CAPS now

4) Submit a Drawing Request for special drawing formats or specialty models where content is not available from the above three choices, however it requires the CAPS job file (.gfcj). Most requests are completed within 4 hours (during standard business hours/days only). Start Drawing Request now

AutoCAD drawings are formatted for AutoCAD 2004. The Revit files are formatted for Revit® 2011.

The chart below indicates where each model’s content is available.

Installation Drawings for Kitchen Hoods

To obtain job specific D-Size drawings please contact your local Greenheck representative. In most cases, depending on job size, CAD drawings can be turned around within 24 hours of receiving the request. The following are examples of items found on kitchen ventilation system drawings:

Kitchen Ventilation Systems Wiring Diagrams
To Submit a Drawing Request in CAPS:

1.    Highlight the Job file name or be on one of the marks inside the job file.
2.    Click on the New Transaction icon.
3.    Select “Drawing Request”.
4.    Click “OK”.
5.    Select (highlight) the mark(s) you want drawings for.
6.    Click “OK”.

What do the icons mean?

View In CAPS
View In CAPS: Drawing content is now available directly from Greenheck's computer aided product selection program, CAPS. The program is configuration based and creates 2D and 3D models. Equipment schedule information and wiring schematics are shown when available.
Transmit: Drawing content is available, however requires the transmission of a CAPS job file (.gfcj) to the Factory.
Download: Basic models are available for immediate download.
Configured Model Selection
CAPS required to Create
Static Model
Download Now
3D 2D 3D 2D
Product Model Revit DWG DWG DWG Revit DWG DWG
GPBRC Triple Play     Transmit        
GSA Power Play     Transmit        
Hood-TypeI Transmit Transmit Transmit        
Hood-TypeII Transmit Transmit Transmit        
Installation Examples             Download
Kitchen Fan Control Center       Transmit      
Relay Box       Transmit      
Temperature Interlock       Transmit      
Utility Distribution System-FlexConnect Transmit Transmit Transmit        
Grease Trapper     Transmit        
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