Other Greenheck Corporate Brands

The Greenheck corporation’s growing number of affiliated companies provides a wide range of other products and services to support building construction and operations.

Greenheck Greenheck (Schofield, WI) is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of air-movement and control equipment found in institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. Their function, basically, is to move air in, out and around a building — making life inside a lot more pleasant.
Airolite - Architectural louvers Airolite (Schofield, WI) has been synonymous with highest quality architectural louvers since 1920. Today architects, builders and building owners also rely on Airolite for custom-engineered architectural grilles, sunscreens and sun controls.
Accurex - Kitchen ventilation systems Accurex (Schofield, WI) designs fully integrated ventilation systems for restaurants and other food service establishments, providing positive, balanced buildings where customers and employees prefer to dine and work.
Innovent - Air Handling Equipment Innovent (Minneapolis, MN) is a custom manufacturer of commercial/industrial energy-recovery, air-handling equipment that can be designed with cost-effective integral air-cooled and water-cooled refrigeration systems.
Precision Coils - OEM coils for commercial & industrial HVAC Precision Coils (Brownsville, TN) specializes in manufacturing competitively priced, precision-engineered replacement and OEM coils for commercial and industrial heating and cooling applications.
Valent - Air management systems Valent (Minneapolis, MN) is an innovative provider of value-added, problem-solving air management systems. Valent offers customers the high-value features they want and the economical solutions they need.

Behind every product manufactured and every service offered by a Greenheck Group company to the marketplace, there is a focus on delivering value — in terms of product reliability and ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, solution-based innovations, responsive and collaborative service, and a commitment to quality of life.

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