Putting Ourselves to the Test

“Design. Test. Certify.” — This statement encapsulates Greenheck engineering and testing services commitment to the ventilation industry and to the development of quality air moving and control equipment.

Design — innovation leading the industry forward

Greenheck engineers continuously develop and introduce new and redesigned product solutions based on input from hundreds of manufacturer sales representatives around the world who listen carefully to what their customers need. Today’s most advanced computer modeling and testing capabilities ensure that Greenheck products offer more efficient performance, combined with the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods, and easy, lower-cost installation. Whether it’s developing compact fans with the lowest sound levels and highest efficiencies, kitchen exhaust systems that trap more grease, advanced energy recovery ventilators, or more effective lab exhaust systems, Greenheck engineers always have one goal in mind: deliver value that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Test — performance assurance

Wheel Failure Test

Wheel Failure Test

Product testing and qualification play a major role in Greenheck’s heritage and success. Rigorous testing conducted in world-class laboratories ensure that all designs and purchased parts meet quality standards that Greenheck customers have come to expect.

Real-life, in-house testing procedures measure aerodynamic performance, sound levels, structural integrity, mechanical operation, environmental impact, temperatures, vibration levels and more. Fans are put through air and sound testing; louvers are tested for water penetration and pressure drop. Dampers are scrutinized in fire life safety testing.

In addition to performance testing, Greenheck products go through rigorous structural testing. Fans, dampers and louvers are put through life tests and cycle tests. Components such as belts, pulleys, bearings and motors are also life tested. Motors are stressed in overload and over/under voltage tests, while bearings must pass extensive L10 life verification tests. Here is just a sample of the many product development tests we use at Greenheck:

Fatigue Blade Cycle Test

Fatigue Blade Cycle Test

Certify — making the grade

Because Greenheck tests its products so extensively, the company is able to offer more products with certifications from AMCA, UL, ETL, CSA and ULc than any other manufacturer in the industry. Three in-house third-party registered air chambers and a registered sound-testing facility are maintained. These third-party certifications ensure Greenheck products fulfill customers’ expectations.

International Testing Standards

Testing standards are the same as our USA products along with the Chinese GB standards for fans and dampers and damper standard of BSI.


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